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    In Innovative Film Solutions, we consider innovation a key for the future of our company.

    We promote actions that support developing R&D projects with following goals:

    • Making Innovative Film Solutions a technology-based company and the European leader in the film industry
    • Promoting and developing Innovative Film Solutions products, made of bio-degradable materials
    • Promoting R&D to implement these objectives as a key-factor in corporate responsibility by creating knowledge and passing the knowledge along to the organisation

    In order to achieve this, a management system of R&D has been implemented in Innovative Film Solutions. This management system is coordinated by the Innovation Committee created by Innovative Film Solutions as a specific cross-sectional area that augurs the potential of the Organization, collaborating in the preparation and follow-up of the projects of R&D.

    We will continuously improve-by creating a learning environment, by empowering our team members and by providing training and growth for people to develop and achieve the highest potential, with in a pleasant and safe workplace.

    Considering the activity of research and development as strategy that has led us to design a policy based on:

    • Defining technological objectives and providing necessary resources for knowledge management
    • Promoting projects that help solving concrete problems of society, as well as strengthen the competitiveness of Innovative Film Solutions
    • Supporting cooperation in scientific research and technological innovation of business, universities and centers of technological research
    • Implementation of foresight and watching closely the development of technology during the innovation of products and management processes

    Innovative Film Solutions has an innovation Committee whose main commitment is the development of the Innovation Plan and R&D of Innovative Film Solutions programs. This Committee works transversely to the Organization and it involves all areas involved in the development of projects.

    In order to execute the R&D&I policy of Innovative Film Solutions, this activity is endowed annually the necessary human and financial resurces. The budgetary allocation to innovation programs translates into an increased volume of investment which aims to turn Innovative Film Solutions into a technological-based company and the European leader in the industry of the film of plastic for various uses.



    The activities of R&D use intensive financial resources.
    To ensure the technical and economic feasibility of the innovation projects promoted by Innovative Film Solutions, we rely on those public and private bodies which regionally, nationally and European-wide promote innovation as impetus to business innovation activities. We also actively participate in networks, observatories and sector information platforms that exist in Spain and Europe.
    Support of special interest to Innovative Film Solutions programs are the focus in a direct way to the innovation; H2020, SME Instrument, reindustrialization, internationalization and more, as well as managed directly by the CDTI, MINECO, MINETUR and the Principality of Asturias.

    iCOMPPAG. Horizonte Pyme del MINECO

    Innovative Film Solutions i- COMPPAG Project aims to introduce in Europe and innovative technology related to the manufacture of compostable packaging. Resin compostable called REBICOM is made of renewable materials that meet the requirements of the European standard 13432.

    • The packaging i-COMPPAG will be 100% compostable.
    • Developed packaging at 100% biodegradable plastic in less than 90 days, turning into water, humus and CO2.

    logo minecoThis project has been funded through the program horizon SME of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
    This funding will allow the realization of Business Plan for the product i-COMPPAG in early 2016.


    Development of new film for digital print window envelopes. Innova IDEPA.

    The project aims to produce a film based on homopolymers and copolymers of propylene (PP and CPP), with properties of resistance to provide laser printing.
    Innovative Film Solutions aims to establish a new model of production resulting in a film heat adapted to the requirements of a growing group of clients of envelopes for small rooms.
    This project has been funded through the program INNOVA Institute of Economic development of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA). This funding will allow the introduction in an emerging market of and innovative product at the end of 2016.

    UE_subvencion logo idepa-bioplas

    Check Innovation Programme (Programa de Cheque de Innovación. IDEPA)

    It is an aid programme boosted by the Economy Development Institute of the Spanish of the Principality of Asturias which aims to improve an ensure degree of new materials processing that Innovative Film Solutions would like to work in, following its extrusion process.

    logo idepa-bioplas

    Other innovation projects

    Innovative Film Solutions develops with its own resources innovation projects related to products that are currently commercially available. The forecast of 2016 and 2017 that we aim is to carry out strategy innovation projects in cooperation with broad multinational companies, technological institutions and other companies with whom we share environmental care objectives resulting in a rupture of international markets, caused by the great impact on citizenship and production processes.

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