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    Biodegradable plastics and those produced from renewable raw materials are increasingly more important each day.

    They raw materials stem either from renewable sources or from fossil sources and its optimal end-of-life management is biodegradation in composting conditions. Temperature, humidity, oxygen and microorganisms are used to naturally decompose plastics into organic matter.

    Due to the possibility of the biodegradation of our films in composting conditions, represent a very great additional advantage for products with a short life-time or those products designed for single use.

    This is the reason why Innovative Film Solutions has incorporated in its product-range two new grades, which are 100% recyclabe and compostable, according to the American and European regulations and standards.


    Innovative Film Solutions has taken part in the research and development and of an innovative 100% biopolymer resin formulation, which allows the production of any kind of plastic bags with the same characteristics as the “traditional” bags.

    This resin complies with every commercial characteristic according to the current demands of the market, the European legislation (European standard 13432) and the consumers, each day more concerned about the environment.

    Our Company posseses the exclusivity for the distribution and marketing of our resin for the North – and Latin American and European markets.

    imagen producto vaivAt Innovative Film Solutions we are proud of being one of the few producers of polyethylene in line in the world.

    Vaiv bottles are biodegradable and are made of 100% renewable raw materials (corn, among them). It is a 100% compostable and biodegradable bottle, suitable for its use in bio-decomposing.

    Vaiv is the first bottle made of PLA (Polymerised Lactic Acid) in South America. PLA is a natural biopolymer derived from sugars from plants like corn, sugar cane and vegetable waste. This material has the same technical and converting features as the “traditional plastics”, but due to its natural raw materials, it is environmentally-friendly.

    Vaiv bottle biodegradates completely within 90 days in industrial composting, and will finally dissolve into water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and humus. This composting feature is proven with following measurements: ASTM D6400, DIN V 54900-1 (Germany), EN 13432 (Europe) and GreenPla (Japan).