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    About Us

    Innovative Film Solutions is a company built on the fundaments of two great pillars: Experience and Innovation. The Company can also count on a flexible, enthusiastic and reliable team, that is fully committed to excellence.

    35 years experience in the plastic market, as well as the latest technology have allowed us to become a leader in innovation and the development of new products during the last decade.


    The Innovative Film Solutions team delivers the highest possible performance and is committed to achieve the company’s goals.

    We believe in the value of people and their integrity. For that reason, we want our team to take over own responsibility set within the company’s goals. We believe in the combination of experience and knowledge of those who have been a long time employees, and the vigor of those who have recently joined us. We therefore, have a well-balanced and dynamic team.


    Innovative Film Solutions is a leading Company consisting of people who are  focused on achieving their objectives, based on excellence,  innovation and teamwork.

    Our global experience in developing customized products as well as delivering the  answers to specific requirements by our customers allowed us to offer added value. This enabled us to build reliable, trustful, and long-term relationships with our business partners.

    Our Research Centre developes innovative film products, so that our clients are able to save costs when replacing their presently used products with our film and are able to increase at the same time their quality, performance, and productivity.

    • Global presence
    • Competitive prices
    • Outstanding Customer service
    • Personalized business
    • Fast technical support
    • Constant improvement in products and processes (R&D&I)
    • Strict Enforcement of Quality and Environmental Policies.


    Innovative Film Solutions is one of the major European manufacturers of film and flexible packaging of consumer goods. Among our range of products we feature films made of: polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyester and bioplastics.

    Our customers use our film in their packaging for all kinds of goods and all kinds of markets, f.i. food-industry (frozen foods, pastries, toast, teabags, fresh foods, INTERLEAVER for meat and diary products); non-food products (cosmetics, pharmacy, household goods, family-size packs, presentation and gift baskets, toys…), envelope industry (window-film for envelopes, stationery products…)

    Great performance is of highest importance for our Company.


    The principles of the Innovative Film Solutions team are based on their shared vision of making the Company known for its customer dedication, their commitment of creating value, safety, and care for the environment. This is achieved by integrating social, economic and environmental aspects.

    Ethics and CSR
    Innovative Film Solutions is committed to the best practices in corporate leadership, the principles of business ethics, and transparency at all levels of the company.

    Customer Dedication
    Our Company strives to know all its customers’ needs and expectations to continuously enhance their satisfaction and their loyality. The entire Company’s goal is to provide best quality service and to develop products that allow her customers to satisfy their current and future needs.

    For Innovative Film Solutions, the safety of her staff in the production facilities as well as the ongoing development and implementation of safety- and prevention practices are priority.

    Growing with our clients is crucial for achieving a reliable, long-lasting relationship. Constant monitoring of our customers’ needs allows us to provide them with a better and personalized service.

    LOGISTICS: Innovative Film Solutions chooses the most efficient logistics solutions. Optimizing the freight costs, delivery times and order are analysed for each client and each shipment.

    DELIVERY TIME: the Company is renowned for its commitment to an excellent delivery service. We are well aware of the importance of our products in our customers’ manufacturing processes, and therefore strive to choose always the best possible delivery method.

    ENVIRONMENT/ENERGY: As for Innovative Film Solutions the protection of the environment and saving of energy is a priority, we implemented following measures:

    • We select materials that allow us to obtain a better performance in our production and which save energy
    • We innovate, develop and suggest reduction of thickness of our films
    • All our products are100 % recyclable
    • We implement energy saving processes. For example, we are currently replacing our lamps with energy saving ones, which will result in a 30 % cost reduction.

    Our products match the market requirements due to their wide range as well as their technical advantages.

    We count on a traceability and a control system that guarantees the maximum quality according to international standards.

    Our teams, both in the HQ and the plant, work every day to develop and offer new products to our clients.

    At Innovative Film Solutions we are aware of the importance of protecting our environment and the world we live in. Therefore, as a company and as individuals, it is our responsibility to protect the environment.

    Due to our advanced production system, we reduce the waste to a minimum. In addition, the small amount of waste we have, is being recycled and re-used in our own production, so that the actual waste is almost nil.

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